Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The low down

Well, there’s only 3 more weeks of summer here are my plans for anyone who’s interested:

Aug 18th – Finish work for the summer
Aug 18th – 22nd – Cottage
Aug 24 – 27/28th – Chicago with Erica
Aug 29th – Sept 4th Minneapolis/Fargo with Taylor
Sept 5th – School Starts

Please note these plans all depend on my friend Natasha’s condition. The doctors say that as of last week she only had a max of 3 weeks to live, Last night Anya and I suspected that it will happen sometime next week, we came to this conclusion after discussing the tired and sunken in look of her eyes, and her severe loss of appetite. I think it will be a good thing for her when she is gone, I don’t think there is anything left for her in this world considering the state she is now in. I want her to be released from her body so that her spirit can enjoy all the things that it couldn’t while it was trapped.

Dr. Han also informed me today that she will be in Minnesota the last week in August. There is a famous professor names Shakur Zahara who is based out of the University of Minneapolis and hopefully (if Taylor doesn’t mind…) We can meet up with them for a few hours, he is a very important person in the field of entrepreneurial research and it would be great to meet him.

*********** Congratulations Leslie and Ryan *****************************

Taylor’s step sister Leslie had/is having her baby last night/this morning! How exciting!! Taylor is really excited, she text messaged me last like at like 11pm and then I called her back and I don’t think I ever heard so much excitement in her voice before, that was cool, she is so cute! But I don’t know if we’ll be meeting up with her parents though… In any even I’m sure I’ll see them tomorrow, Oh any Taylor, Dr. Han is Leaving on Thursday morning at like 11am to go to Atlanta so maybe we can go to lunch with your parents then if tonight is no good… maybe they already have other plans though…..

More about Taylor….

So we’re back together, it’s not really weird I don’t think, but we’re both a little more conscious of the things we do and say though… (at least I am) Which is a good thing I think. It’s a bit scary though cause I think we both want to be with each other so much that it’s hard to back off from that and say no. But I think we can do it, it will help a lot when school starts up again and we have more of a routine to follow because now there’s a lot of excess time to be had, and what else can you do with excess time than spend it with your girlfriend! But I know that we’re good together and going to try and make out relationship last for as long as it can….

Ok peace out hommies I gotta go to work!


p.s. why the hell am I missing Jackman so much???? That’s weird, he usually just calls me names and harasses me, am I a gluten for punishment and cruelty??? I also miss Jesse, but that’s nothing new, I can’t wait for him to come back, he’s so funny and laid back, and I think he gets me in a way that not that many other people do! I MISS YOU JESSE!!! And the other fucked up thing is that I miss Millie, and she lives just down the street!! Wtf!!! I am planning a play date with her next week, I think we should go to the harbourfront they have a cool festival going on there… millie what do


At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ro-ro, I miss you too!!! Your life seems extremely hectic right now; keep on keeping on. I'll talk to you soon...maybe?!


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