Sunday, July 30, 2006

a quick update

To all of my friends who may (or may not!!!) have been wondering where the hell I have been lately, sorry for not really answering phone calls or replying to e-mails but things have been pretty crazy from me the past 2 weeks or so.... As many of you know one of my dearest friends is terminally ill suffering from lung cancer. She has gone into the palliative care unit at St. Mikes about a week ago, for those of you who don't know what that is, palliative care is where they send you when you only have weeks to days to live. Her health is beginning to rapidly deteriorate, this may be because in palliative care you are no longer able to receive chemo therapy or any other therapy to "try and get better" it's basically just a numbers game now.... It a fucking shitty situation because she's on so many drugs and barely eating she is hallucinating a lot and acting really weird, it's really hard to interact with her because her mind is half here and half somewhere else so one minute you can be talking about something and the next she'll look at you as if she has no clue what you just said... Also it is hard for me because I am now dealing with her family situation, which most of you know Anya (her sister) is my ex-girlfriend so that makes this even weirder... to top it all off i have my finance final exam on tuesday that I am sooooo not prepared for... if i don't pass it then i can't take 2 of the classes that I am registered in for the fall.... things have been a bit rocky with Taylor lately, she attributes it to pms, but I think it's just that we're both realizing that relationships take some work, and all that lovey dovey stuff is great but lots of other stuff is required as well... it's nothing serious though, we're both still madly in love (ew i know!!!) and I am looking forward to going to her opera and then to Fargo with her at the end of August. Oh it's also been really hot and humid out and the lack of air conditioning is really getting to me.... anyways, enough for now i have to go and study for my exam. Hopefully I'll see some of you (Millie I still can't wait to see your dogs!!) soon :)



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