Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jackman Chiu A to Z

A: Apple, Jackman’s religion prohibits him from eating apples

B: is for Baby Model, for those of you that know Jackman’s famous past, you’ll know what I’m talking about

C: is for Cuba, for a brief moment in time Jackman wanted to move to Cuba and live on the beach…

D: is for Death Cab, one of jackman’s favourite bands.

E: Exact! When Jackman does a project it always has to be perfect

F: Frisbee, don’t ever play a game of Frisbee with this guy or he’ll give you a bleeding nose!

G: is for Goldshlauger which seems to be Jackman’s liquor of choice at the moment

H: if for Hong Kong, the motha’ land

I: This is the address to Jackman’s blog

J: if for Japanese food…. Jackman loves his Japanese food, especially at a certain restaurant called Konichiwa

K: Kill Bill II , I went with Jackman to see this movie

L: Lycanthropy, Jackman wants to become a werewolf

M: Mel Gibson, Jackman thinks that he has very hypnotizing eyes!

N: 99, Jackman has 2 Wayne Gretzky jerseys Team Canada and Edmonton Oilers

O: if for Obsession, Jackman is obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror

P: Picky Penny!

Q: Qu_ _ r Rhymes with Beer!

R: is for Robin, this is Jackman’s idol!

S: is for Starbucks

T: Tanning, Jackman is a big fan of sun tanning

U: University of Toronto, this is where Jackman completed his undergrad studies in Anthropology, could also go under C for Congratulations!

V: is for Vegetarian, how long has it been now Jackman, 2 months or so?

W: Woody Allen, this is one of Jackman’s favourite directors

X: Xzibit and watching all the episodes of “pimp my ride” at my cottage

Y: Yellow Fellow

Z: if for Zorro, Jackman has a secret crush on Antonio Banderas, I think it’s time you admitted this Jackman!

A to Z for Jesse Wells & Millie Wong soon to follow!


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Jackman said...

absolutely amazing! and yea, i do love Antonio Banderas!!

At 6:08 PM, Blogger Robin said...



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