Monday, June 12, 2006

FIN 410 is kicking my ass

Well i know that I don't update this regularly, but i guess it's because i don't have that much exciting stuff to say! But here is something effed up:

Last night jason and i were watching wolf creek (a scary ass movie) and all of a sudden, during a really scary part the lightbulb fell out of the socket and then the fixture came crashing down, what the hell!! it was really freaky..... also we've both independently been hearing strange noises, i am starting to think that our apt. might be haunted... uh oh!

Oh a brighter note here are the concerts that I will be going to soon:
S.C.E.N.E Fest with Jason - July 9th
Maybe Head Automatica/TBS/AA on July 6th - I might try to go and get cheap tickets after work if there are scalpers out...
The Organ - June 29th (Maybe, haven't decided yet)
Pink - July 13th
Vans Warped Tour (maybe) - Aug 12th

Other stuff:
- Taylor and I are doing well, hopefully that continues, i can't see why it wouldn't....
- school is fucking me up right now...
- work is ........ work
- i need to get a tattoo soon


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