Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Falling into a pit of burning flames

Do you ever get this sinking feeling in your stomach? Like when you’ve found out something that you’re not supposed to have found out…. I have that feeling right now, and there’s only an hour until my exam…. Fuck….. Sometimes I really wonder why I put myself in such stupid fucking situations…. Fuck…. I know nobody will even understand this, or probably even be reading this! But FUCK, I wish I didn’t have this feeling right now! I wish that I were more religious at times like these so that I could pray or something…. FUCK……


At 3:18 AM, Blogger Jesse Wells said...

Fuck...why would you assume no one reads your blog? I check it out all the time, and am glad that you final-fucking-ly updated it. With that being said, are you ok? What the fuck is wrong? email me or go on MSN more often and I will try and be your Sally. Google talk is really good for conversations, email me and tell me when you want to meet up! I loves you Robin!! Know that, embrace that, cherish that. Does anything else matter?
love Jesse

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Robin said...

Jesse I was just being a melodramatic baby yesterday! No worries pal... I must have been on my yod or something! ANyways, still nice to know you read my blog and i am getting paid on Friday and am going to get a phone card and call you. I miss you lots and love you too!! Thanks for being my Sally!



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